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After seeing a platter of decorated cookies at a party, Katy was hooked and started learning all she could about this new-found world of cookies. After experiencing a sudden loss, she dove into cookies as a sort of therapy: opening herself up to new possibilities, friendships, and adventures.

Katy lives in Hermosa Beach, CAlifornia and is a proud wife and Mom of two boys. When she’s not in her cookie studio, she loves paddle boarding, skating, going to the beach, and watching her son, Dayne, play baseball. Her husband, Jason, and son, Miles, can often be found in the studio dialing her airbrushes, being the shop DJ, working the register, and OH... baking cookies, of course!

Katy does not consider herself an artist and doesn’t do cookies for the recognition, fame, or popularity. She does it to express herself and help heal through decorating — but mostly to bond with her cookie friends. Katy is a self-admitted work in progress.